BlurFix3 SO with URPRO CYD Filter
Snake River Prototyping BlurFix3 SO with CYD Filter Left SRP BlurFix3 SO with CYD up close
BlurFix3 SO on Hero3 with Tray and adapter holder BlurFix3 Lanyard Hole
BlurFix3 SO with CYD Package Contents BlurFix3 with CYD Filter removed

BlurFix3 SO with URPRO CYD Filter


The BlurFix3™ SO Featuring the URPRO CYD Dome filter is a high quality color-correction solution for the Hero3/3+/4 Dive Housing, specifically for dives in tropical blue water.  To use, simply slip the BlurFix3 SO with CYD Filter onto your Hero3 housing.  During your descent, remove the adapter and shake it to remove micro-bubbles and then reinstall.  

Product Features:

  • Slips over the GoPro Hero3/3+/4 Dive Housing 
  • URPRO CYD Dome lens provides patent-pending consistent color correction from center to corner.
  • Removing the dome lens allows you to install a 55 mm filter.
  • Wet filter design allows you take the filter as deep as the housing is rated for.
  • Precision CNC machined black Polyoxymethylene (Delrin®) frame
  • Precision molded and CNC machined optical-grade polycarbonate cyan dome filter from URPRO

The URPRO CYD Filter is molded from optical quality polycarbonate and then a CNC machine is used to cut threads in the edges of the filter so that it can be easily installed and removed from the BlurFix3 SO adapter.  The filter is dome shaped to provide consistent color correction from the center to the corners of your video.  This filter is ideal for use in tropical blue water at depths between 12 ft (4 meters) and 60 ft (20 meters) although it continues to improve the color quality of your video at greater depths depending on conditions. 

The URPRO Cyan Dome Filter can be removed by spinning it out.  This makes it possible to install other ultra-low profile 55 mm filters available from Snake River Prototyping.  To remove the CYD filter, hold the adapter with the top of the dome facing you.  Using clean fingers, pinch the filter between your thumb and fore-finger.  Spin the adapter clockwise with your other hand. 

Product update: This product is not compatible with the Hero3/3+/4 standard housing.  The Dive Housing is rated to 197’ compared to 130’ for the Hero3/3+/4 standard housing.       

Note: Camera, SRP Tray, BlurFix3/3+ Holder, and other filters sold separately.  Not compatible with the new Hero3+ standard housing.