55 mm SRP ND8/CP view 2

55 mm SRP ND8/CP Filter

The ultra low profile 55 mm SRP ND8/CP filter was custom designed for aviation, quadcopter, and motorsport applications. It combines the benefits of a neutral density filter (i.e. reduction of rolling shutter effects) with the benefits of a circular polarizing filter (i.e. glare reduction on windshields, water and snow.)  The 55 mm SRP ND8/CP filter simultaneously reduces the jello effect, prop blur, and glare when used with your GoPro┬« Hero3 or Hero3+ camera.

The ND8/CP filter is equal to an ND 0.9 and has 3.8 - 4.3 stops depending on orientation of the CP.

This video shows the substantial improvements in aviation applications.

Note: The camera, housing, and BlurFix3+ 55 filter adapter are sold separately.