55 mm SRP CP-WR

55 mm SRP Water Repelling CP

This water repelling circular polarizer by SRP was specifically created with watersports in mind.  Its special water repelling coating sheds water after being immersed1.  This makes it the perfect filter for surfing, wakeboarding, and other watersports.  Use with the BlurFix3+ 55 adapter and the included large o-ring to create a sealed airspace between the filter and GoPro┬« Standard Housing2.  This prevents water intrusion behind the filter, allowing for crystal clear videos.  For instructions on creating a sealed airspace visit BlurFix3+ 55 instructions page.

This filter features:

  • Ultra-thin frame design to eliminate mechanical vignetting
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels water
  • Black rimmed glass
  • Matte black super-fine frosted finish
  • Knurled filter ring and polarizer adjustment ring
  • Japan optics 

A circular polarizer reduces glare on the surface of water or glass.  It is a must have for surfing and watersport productions and in applications where a windshield is involved.  This filter is commonly used by areal sports enthusiasts to give clouds more definition and make the sky appear bluer.  Snow-sport enthusiasts will find that a CP filter will increase the contrast between snow and sky.

Note 1: Water droplets will form on the filter in a light mist. Immersion in water will clear the droplets.

Note 2: Assemble the filter, BlurFix3+ 55, o-ring, and camera in a dry environment to prevent fogging.  Test seal in a sink or basin of water before heading out to play.

Note: Camera and BlurFix3+ 55 filter adapter not included