SRP 55 mm Stackable filter adapter

55 mm Stackable Filter Adapter

The 55 mm Stackable Filter Adapter from SRP is made from CNC machined Delrin┬«.  The adapter allows you to stack the 55 mm Marumi Macro +10 lens onto either a color correcting filter or another macro filter.  Stacking multiple macro filters is used to decrease the focal distance of the GoPro┬« camera.  Although macro filters do provide some magnification when used with a GoPro camera, the main benefit is that the addition of macro filters will allow you to get the camera closer to the subject.  The screen shots below of a US penny were all taken by a Hero3+ in 1080p Narrow mode in the configurations listed under the image:

  1. Top left: GoPro Hero3+ only
  2. Top right: Added BlurFix3+ 55 with 55 mm slim filter ring and Marumi Macro +10 lens.
  3. Bottom left: Added 55 mm Stackable Filter Adapter with 2nd Marumi Macro +10 lens.
  4. Bottom right: Added 2nd 55 mm Stackable Filter Adapter with 3rd Marumi Macro +10 lens.

NOT FOR USE with the Cyan Dome (CYD) filter.  This product is only compatible with flat filters. Color correction filters that are compatible with the 55 mm Stackable Filter Adapter are found here (with the exception of the URPRO CYD Filter.)

Lanyard cord included.  

Note: This product does not include the camera, housing or macro lens