BlurFix3 Micro 52 with filter to side

BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52

The BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52 is a 52 mm filter adapter for the Hero3/3+/4 cameras when these cameras are used without their repective housings.  Typical appications include:

  • The use of a ND filter to reduce the "jello effect"
  • The use of a ND filter in general aviation to reduce "prop blur"
  • The use of a Circular Polarizer when flying above water to cut glare
  • The use of a Circular Polarizer to add greater contrast to the sky and clouds 


  • 52 mm filter adapter for the Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras (no housing)
  • Compatible with "The Frame" mount from GoPro┬«
  • Ideal for weight sensitive lightweight applications (i.e. RC multi-rotor & aircraft)
  • For use with external microphone (i.e. pilot headset in aircraft)
  • Easy friction fit 
  • CNC Machined Delrin┬«
This product is compatible with some gimbals but not with others.  For instance, the added weight of the BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52 and 52 mm filter causes the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal to over-current and "fall asleep".  Refer to your gimbal manufacturer for guidance.  SRP is not responsible for the added weight of the adapter having adverse effects on the gimbal.  

Weight:  14.18g

ATTENTION:  Installation and removal of the BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52 are done at your own risk. Snake River Prototyping is not responsible for any damage to your camera that results from use of this product. Caution during installation and removal is advised.

CAUTION: The fit of the BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52 varies slightly from camera to camera. If the desired fit is too loose, thin tape may be placed on the outside of the camera lens body to act as a shim.  Use caution as damage to the lens body may occur. 

WARNING: DO NOT rotate the adapter as damage to the camera lens body may occur.  Remove the adapter by pulling on it without rotating.  Only press the BlurFix3/3+ Micro 52 on as far as necessary so that it does not fall off during normal use.

Note: The camera, frame, and filter are not included.